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Kiteboarding in Minnesota

This exciting sport of Kiteboarding (also known as kitesurfing when done in ocean) has caught the eye of many local sailors, snowboarders, skiers, and skateboarders. Kiteboarding offers the thrill of riding the wind, on land, water, snow and ice, and can include really huge air time off even the flattest terrain. Once in the air, if you want to spin, just look over your shoulder. The power of these silent wonders can easily feed anyone’s adrenaline fix.

In the summer - kitesurfing on the water

Some like it hot…
Boaters gawk as kiters boost 30-40ft off the water, spinning around and around. These kites can give the pull of a 200hp Evenrude… straight up, and can bring you back down like a feather.The only questions are: How much power do want and how high do you want to go?

And some, not so hot…
There is nothing quite like the feeling of riding into a sunset with just a small board attached to your feet, a kite some 60ft in the air and the entire lake to yourself. The only sound, your board slicing through the water. You feel weightless as you rest your body in the harness dangling from the kite’s power. What was that problem at work again….?

There are no lift tickets or admission fees and all the equipment fits on your back! Kitesurfing is one of the best year round sports for Minnesota.

In the winter - snowkiting on frozen lakes.
Kiteboarding in the winter is a sport in itself. Whether you choose a lake or an open field, kiteboarding or snowkiting on snow or ice is awesome. You can do power jibes, GS downwinders, boost huge air, or just rip back and forth. And there’s no lift ticket! You can ride just about anything, short or long skis, skates, or snowboard. Wanna spin? Gee just look over your shoulder…the tough part is stopping the merry go round : )

Kiting on land?
Kiting on land is usually done in a small low to the ground buggy, though there are land boards that are like large skateboards. In Europe there are numerous buggy races throughout the year.

Windsurfing in Minnesota Even though we are in the middle of the country, windsurfing in Minnesota provides the whole spectrum of different types of windsurfing. You can wave sail on Superior, swell ride on Byllesby or Mille Lacs. You can rip around at quite a few lakes in-town after work in the Twin Cities or sneak away for Gorge-like conditions on Pepin when the South-Easters blow through.

The winds in Minnesota tend to be the strongest in the spring and fall, with predominately light breezes in summer. You’ll see a small group of die hard sailors in drysuits out as soon as the ice thaws in the spring, and the parking lots get more and more full till about mid June. The summer sailors tend to be a much more social bunch, enjoying the day together whether or not the wind blows. As the fall approaches and the mega-wind Alberta Clippers come in, the die hards return to the water with their small gear. The crowd dwindles as it gets colder, though there is an elite group who sail up until the water turns solid.

The key to enjoying windsurfing in Minnesota is using your options. If you can take the time, check the forecasts and drive to get wind. Rarely is the wind the same across the region. If you don’t have the time to drive, rig for the conditions and enjoy what time you do get on the water. The new light wind equipment is awesome and opens up a whole new level of enjoyment for those evening, afterwork sessions or the quick session at the family picnic. However much you get out, enjoy it. The wind, water and the ability to enjoy them are gifts.


Wing Surfing in Minnesota Wingsurfing is the latest addition to the windsurfing and kitesurfing family. One can do it on a surfboard, twintip and for the more advanced on a foil board. The equipment is more affordable and takes less room than windsurfing and kitesurfing - making it a very affordable and mobile activity for the adventure traveler.
Snowkiting in Minnesota The Winter Session at LAKAWA School of Kiteboarding is the time to learn to kite. Snowkiting, winter’s version of kitesurfing, is by far the easiest way to get into the sport (check out our YouTube videos). For the Winter Session, we’re back to our On-Call private and group lessons. We’ll be On Call, so as soon as conditions are favorable for lessons we’ll send out a Notice for Lessons. All you have to do is send us an email to get into our system, we’ll do the rest. We ensure that conditions are favorable for your class so that you’re getting your money’s worth and also not putting yourself into unsafe conditions.

Scheduling can be tricky with our dependency on the wind. Close communication on the day of the lesson is important to save our valuable time. If the conditions change we will simply reschedule. Other lesson programs may charge you regardless but we are focused on developing your interest so if the wind gods aren’t favorable we simply reschedule.



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